Ignite the power of omni-channel analytics and multi-touch attribution to drive marketing ROI

As the marketing landscape becomes increasingly fragmented with the drive for conversions, 81% of marketeers expect that the majority of their decisions will be data-driven by the close of the year.

With analytics now accounting for the highest share of their budget allocation (at almost 10%) as initiatives such as web, ads, social and digital commerce rank behind, analytics now stands as the number one predictor for leveraging data to drive growth.

Choosing the right analytics solutions and attribution models is critical for accurate insights and automated KPI reporting. How each touchpoint is merited will depend on the vision and goals of the organisation.

1. Organic Search

2. Paid Search

3. DIrect 

4. Affiliate

5. Referral

6. Social 

7. Email

8. Other Channels


Business Leaders are challenged to transform their customer journey, maximise revenue whilst optimising operational processes. Lavabeam is a specialist firm of practitioners who develop the roadmap to bring business and technology together to deliver this challenge through:

The main challenge that the majority of marketeers cite is not the design of analytics programmes but knowing which channels work effectively in generating the right kind of leads and traffic given the choices are aplenty.

Reliable cross-channel insights to provide computation and attribution of revenue appropriately requires perfecting the analytics setup and implementing the most optimum models for various customer journeys.


For your multi-touch attribution to be truly strategic, Lavabeam can help test, analyse, design and optimise your analytics so you can reach the right customers at the right time, thereby helping perfect your customer journeys and deliver measurable benefits across various commercial use cases.

Basic analytics cover:

> Data management

> Integration

> Formatting and presenting

> Defining KPIs and performance

> Tag management

> Basic analytics setup

> Universal data layer

> Simple modelling techniques

> Single touch attribution

Matured analytics initiatives enable:

> Capturing right data & CDP

Gap analysis

Single customer view

Multi-touch attribution

Advanced marketing mix modelling

> Omni-channel reporting

> Designing an effective dashboard

> Creating consistent data, tools and processes

Deliver top metrics including:

> Revenue and campaign ROI

> Cross-channel efficiency

> Optimised sales and incentives

> CSAT and touchpoint NPS

We can also help with the design and implementations of reporting dashboards to enable you to accurately capture and present the performance of the programmes using the relevant metrics. These dashboards are customised to suit your context and needs.

ROIImpressionsOrder submission rateCPL CPMCTRCPACPC | Order activation rate | AOV | CPO

Our key differentiator is that we start with asking the fundamentally important strategic questions and evaluate the status-quo on the right parameters. Thus, we are guided by strategy, understanding of the brand and more importantly, the customer engagement behaviour in recommending and implementing the right analytics and attribution model. That is why you can rely on us to show you where your revenues come from and what you need to focus on to proficiently manage those streams.

For diagnostics of your current analytics and attribution tools, models and processes, get in touch today to ignite the actionable insights from every touchpoint and maximise ROI.


“We had a really great Delivery Partner in Lavabeam. I really trusted them, they provided us with Vodafone resources and they drove that adaptability and worked to make this successful for our client, for us and themselves.”

 - Jon Donovan,

Principal Manager, Digital Marketing,

Vodafone Group

“During my time at Eircom, Suvash and his Team helped us to optimise our Contact Centres and set up a complete new facility for Sales in record time."

 - Neil Cushen,

Head of Consumer Sales,


“The Lavabeam team were industry specialists, anticipated our needs and delivered exceptional value within a very short time. The team never failed to go above and beyond for us and were an absolute pleasure to work with."

- Fadwa Elkosairy,

Director of Sales & Customer Care, Vodafone Oman