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The most discerning factor in Lavabeam’s methodology is the personalisation maturity assessment model, which lays a scientific reference point. This combined with its deep expertise in the personalisation programmes and the codification of best practices, getting to 2025 with a clear ROI plan isn’t a worry.


It’s predicted that by 2025 up to 80% of marketing efforts on personalisation will yield much lower ROI as the industry moves towards a cookie-less future in a highly regulated environment.

The future of personalisation lies in contextual marketing, behavioural data-led targeting and automation with the trump card being the degree to which artificial intelligence can be applied.

Looming personalisation ROI 2025 deadline and some known roadblocks:


“We had a really great Delivery Partner in Lavabeam. I really trusted them, they provided us with Vodafone resources and they drove that adaptability and worked to make this successful for our client, for us and themselves.”

 - Jon Donovan,

Principal Manager, Digital Marketing,

Vodafone Group

“During my time at Eircom, Suvash and his Team helped us to optimise our Contact Centres and set up a complete new facility for Sales in record time."

 - Neil Cushen,

Head of Consumer Sales,


“The Lavabeam team were industry specialists, anticipated our needs and delivered exceptional value within a very short time. The team never failed to go above and beyond for us and were an absolute pleasure to work with."

- Fadwa Elkosairy,

Director of Sales & Customer Care, Vodafone Oman

Lavabeam has been ahead of the curve with a fully tested and results-oriented framework to improve CSAT/NPS. This approach combines a comprehensive personalisation strategy, understanding of right data collection methods, access to requisite tools and techniques, and investing in timed and targeted programmes. 



>A/B, Multivariate testing, data integrity checks.

> Automated monitoring,

reporting of campaigns


> Logged-in/out solutions

> Paid/social media solutions

> Personal states based solutions


>Custom tool dev in SEO, UX, geo-fencing

>Data science incorporated

>Commercial tool integration



>Sector-specific ROI strategy with execution roadmap

>Fitment review of products including Adobe,

Boxever, Google

The key to positively influence the outcomes of personalisation programmes lies in the identification and management of KPIs. Lavabeam’s model provides a significant uplift in the four key KPIs.


Customer satisfaction


Customer life time


Revenue per visit


Conversion rate

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GDPR drives out cookie-based marketing and alternatives are not fully established

Inadequately defined customer data management strategy

Online and off-line channels that aren't fully integrated

Siloed automation roadmaps with a technology stack that's not fully optimised

Need for further investment to extract ROI from the current personalisation programmes